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Presented by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

Presented by Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

TICKETS July 15, 2017

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$10-$15 // 18+


Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival Presents 2017 LADIES BATTLE! + Planet X: All Female Lifestyle Art Show in Partnership with Manifesto.

Join us for the final dance battle of the 2017 Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival! The day features preeminent female street dancers from around the world, and culminates with a public showcase of art, music, and dance!

Full details on the event can be found here:

In July, NYC is the backdrop for our annual dance battle LADIES BATTLE! Female competitors from around the world travel to NYC for this battle. Winners from LOHH Toronto & LOHH China will be flown to the birth place of Hip-Hop to battle it out.

LADIES BATTLE! is 1-on-1 Dancehall, Breaking, Popping, Hip-Hop, Waacking and House Dance. Doors open and our stellar all-female DJ line-up is spinning hip-hop, funk, house, soul, and classics. The winners will be awarded cash prizes, gift bags and one-year “bragging rights”. The winner can boost themselves as one of the world’s best female Hip-Hop dancers!

The event is judged by a panel of elite dancers from around the world, like Tweetboogie, Nubian NeNe, Toyin Sogunro and many more…

**This event is 18+. All performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Want to compete in LADIES BATTLE!? Check out

Hip-Hop + House + Popping + Dancehall + Breaking + Waacking
More details here:


About Ladies of Hip Hop Festival
Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (LOHHF) exists to provide a safe space for women and girls to create, learn, exchange, exhibit and perform art linked through the narrative of Hip-Hop culture. LOHHF provides positive role models of girls and women working in all faucets of the Hip-Hop culture. Traditionally, men have dominated all facets of the Hip Hop scene, but Ladies of Hip Hop Festival changes this tradition and puts women center-stage.

LOHHF offers artistic training workshops, performance opportunities, international artist exchanges, public talks, artistic life training and female entrepreneurship and empowerment opportunities. We are helping create the next generation of female artistic leaders in the Hip Hop community. The festival is an event given by women, for everyone! It’s important to us to have the participation and support of men in the community too! Teaching and sharing the culture through the female perspective is essential to the growth of the culture. Essential to our mission.

About Michele Byrd-McPhee
Michele Byrd-McPhee is the executive director and founder of Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival (LOHHF) The Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival is an event produced by women, for women. Each year Byrd-McPhee selects an elite group of female artists from around the world to exhibit their work, teach, and perform. These artists have extensive experience and understanding of the Hip-Hop culture and are qualified to pass on its traditions with accuracy and authenticity. Through education, performance and community exchanges, this annual hip-hop festival puts the focus on women and their relationship with hip-hop culture. Men have traditionally dominated all facets of the Hip-Hop scene, but LOHHF changes this tradition and puts women center-stage for the entire event.

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