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Live taping (Cold Open Verse)

Live taping (Cold Open Verse)

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Sep 16, 8pm


Sophia Le Fraga
Constance DeJong
Ian Hatcher

Poet Transmit engages in the connections between poetry, transmission, and performance. The project was launched by artist/ curator Victoria Keddie and writer/artist Cat Tyc as a way to explore textual practice and modes of transmission and expose the potential of poetic projection and how it exists in expanded fields of time.

The works of artists, Constance DeJong, Sophia Le Fraga, and Ian Hatcher on three tableau “sets” will be activated in tonight’s real-time broadcast event. Each artist highlights a unique aspect of production within their respective sets. Ian Hatcher exploits the structural errors of broadcast with time latency. DeJong creates an interactive instrument for dissemination with her accessible radio foley works. La Fraga delves into the nostalgia of the tv sitcom teenage bedroom.

An adjacent room will be playing back an hour long reel of artist made trailers for forthcoming publications or book-related events to articulate Cold Open Verse examination of the construct of the ‘trailer’, reconfigured by artists, poets, and publishers interested in an expanded form of communicating their work.

Documented events will be broadcast on E.S.P. TV’s cable access program on MNN, as well as with Wave Farm Radio (operated in Acra, NY as well as online).

Doors: 7PM
Performances: 8PM
After-party with DJ Drift Raft in the Ready Room


Sophia Le Fraga is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of Other Titles by Sophia Le Fraga (If a Leaf Falls 2016); literallydead (Spork 2015); I RL, YOU RL (minuteBOOKS 2013, Troll Thread 2014) and I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET (KTBAFC 2012). Her anti-play trilogy of iOS adaptations comprises “W8ING,” “TH3 B4LD 50PR4N0” and “UND3RGR0UND L0V3R5” (Gauss PDF 2014, 2015). Other Titles (Büro Broken Dimanche; Berlin, Germany) was her second solo show. She’s recently been included in Greater New York (MoMA PS1; New York), PERFORMA (New York), and Eugen Gomringer & (Bielefelder Kunstverein; Bielefeld, Germany). Le Fraga is the poetry editor of Imperial Matters, a curator for the experimental reading series Segue and a member of Collective Task. She teaches poetry at BHQFU, New York’s freest art school.

Constance DeJong is an American artist, writer and performer, who produces fiction texts and language/image based work for performance and theater, audio and video installations. She has permanent audio installations in Beacon, NY, London and Seattle. DeJong has twice collaborated with Tony Oursler on live performances; was a collaborator on “Super Vision,” A Builders Association production (2005); librettist for the opera, “Satyagraha,“composer Philip Glass. In 2016/2017, DeJong will be presenting a retrospective of her performances at NYC venues where she’s performed over the years, including NightWriters, a new performance and artist’s book. Her first book, Modern Love, will be re-issued in spring 2017 by Primary Information/Ugly Duckling Presse.

Ian Hatcher is a text/sound/performance artist and programmer whose work explores cognition in context of digital systems. He is the author of a print book, Prosthesis (Poor Claudia 2016), two chapbooks, Private (Inpatient 2016) and The All-New (Anomalous 2015), and numerous screen-based texts, including the NEA-supported app/book Abra (with Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin). His code-inflected vocal performances have been presented widely in North America and Europe. He lives in Brooklyn.


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