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Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Nov 7-30

In November of 2014, Knockdown Center proudly presented a group exhibition of painting, sculpture, video and installation by artists and their artist parents.

The works in this exhibition explored the ways in which a creative pursuit is inscribed and inherited throughout an artistic life. Emblematic of diverse processes and intentions, the works alluded to one another in subtle and overt ways and served as a non-verbal correlative to collected video stories presented amidst the installation. By portraying similarities and differences in styles and techniques of an artist and their artist parent, the pieces created a framework for examining the creative process as a life-long commitment that transcends the expectations of profession and audience.

What strategies are artists using to sustain a consistent and meaningful lifelong relationship with their work and in what ways could relatives participate directly in the creation of an art piece?

The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of the catalogue LEGACY. To request a copy, please email us here.

Lilian and Ulrike Feser
Lola Goeller and Mona Sommer
Constantin and Ulrich Hartenstein
Chelsea and Thurmont Knight
Rebecca and Lee Bamberger Leopold
Casey and Kurt Schultz
Clemens and Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm

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