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II Machines: Clive Murphy & Trevor Tweeten

II Machines: Clive Murphy & Trevor Tweeten

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

May 2 – 31

Curated by Jessamyn Fiore

II Machines presented two site-specific sculptural installations that address Knockdown Center’s physical space by sculpting the immaterial; light, air and sound.

Clive Murphy’s ongoing series Almost Nothing – Trash Bag Inflatables creates anarchitecturally orientated kinetic inflatable construction created from adjoined trash bags. His latest incarnation rises like a monumental minimalist structure yet is composed from readily accessible everyday material.

Trevor Tweeten’s Running in Eight Directions is a projection machine composed of eight 16mm film projectors that looped a single strip of film, projecting in eight directions simultaneously illuminating the varying contours of the space. Working with dancer Lydia Chrisman, Tweeten created a new film that explores the organic minutia of the body in movement as contrast to the industrial space and machinery through which it runs.

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