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Da Prato Test Kitchen: Family Meal

Da Prato Test Kitchen: Family Meal

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Nov 5, 6pm

Come enjoy a handmade meal, sit down with friends and strangers alike gathered around community tables, and even get a peek into the fresh pasta making process. This supper will feature two handmade pasta dishes served family style as well as a salad of lush greens and edible flowers.

The Da Prato Test Kitchen is a monthly supper club series presenting food and examining sensation. The dinners test various recipes, present odd and beautiful ingredients, and bring together an interesting calico of people to celebrate food, conviviality, merriment, and perception. Join us for a special installment at Knockdown Center.

Menu is as follows:

Handmade pappardelle with wild boar ragu; rich gamey wild boar, stewed for hours in a sauce of chianti and juniper berries, fresh herbs and tomato. Served over delicate ribbons of handmade pappardelle.

Handmade maccheroni with porcinis and pine nuts; these are not the little elbow pastas you are thinking of but rather a very rustic, traditional Tuscan pasta shape of elegant hand torn sheets folded beautifully atop the dish and topped in layers with wild porcini mushrooms in a light cream sauce with toasted pine nuts and fresh herbs.

Salad of greens and roses; torn bitter greens tosses with buttery leaf lettuces, pickled shallots, a medley of fragrant and herbal edible flowers, fine herbs, and toasted pistachios tossed in a champagne vinaigrette.

These dishes draw upon the verdant mountains of northern Italy, bringing together wild mountain mushrooms, wild game, the unbelievable pine nut as well as the flora of the woods themselves. We’ll be in the tops of trees, rummaging through the brush, and rolling about the forest floor in this delightful and homestyle feast to warmly escort you into fall. We hope you can join us.

The cost of this meal is $35. Wine available for purchase. We kindly ask you to purchase your seats in advance.

Guests are invited to arrive at 4pm to see the rolling of the dough and learn about making pasta, dinner will be served at 6pm
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