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DJ Harvey, Ash Lauryn, Kristine Barilli

DJ Harvey, Ash Lauryn, Kristine Barilli

Buy Tickets April 15, 2023

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

10pm – 5am



DJ Harvey

Ash Lauryn

Kristine Barilli

DJ Harvey’s timeless swagger and uninhibited approach have brought him to every stage, from giant festivals to grimy warehouse raves to tightly-packed gay bars, and more. Harvey is a visionary whose sound includes, but cannot be limited to cosmic disco, dirty techno, classic house and balearic sounds. More than that, he’s a near mythic presence in the booth, embodying dance music’s most lurid and dyonisian essence. Ash Lauryn has become a figurehead for modern house music, blending a classical sound with modern suaveness. Her Underground and Black platform has become a globally-recognized hub, working with Movement, NTS and more. She’s been an unmissable force in the US and abroad, with a schedule that’s taken her across North America, to Europe, Japan, Australia and more.
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