[SUSPENDED] Dakota Gearhart: The Sextant…

[SUSPENDED] Dakota Gearhart: The Sextant…

Opening Reception: Saturday February 29, 5-8pm

Opening Reception: Saturday February 29, 5-8pm

RSVP February 29, 2020 — October 11, 2020

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Exhibition Event – Postponed
Sunday, March 29, 6pm
Pixelated Petals: An evening with Eva Davidova, Mo Kong, and Cori Olinghouse

Dakota Gearhart: The Sextant of the Rose investigates beauty as economic capital through the ubiquitous figure of the rose, speculating on whether the rose may have a hidden evolutionary agenda of its own. This exhibition, the artist’s first solo presentation in New York, features a new series of video-sculptures that incorporate psychedelic videos as well as living and dying roses to create an immersive world that viewers can become submerged within.

Informed by the artist’s day job as a florist, The Sextant of the Rose conjures an otherworldly setting where bouquets and videos reside. A suite of sculptures contain collage-like video animations of rose imagery that spins, flickers, and accumulates, sometimes integrating sculptural elements or the artist’s body modified by digital elements and effects. In a central video, Gearhart communicates with the rare and costly Juliet rose, who reveals her strategy of using sensuality to co-opt human desire as a way to navigate her own species’ evolution. Over hundreds of years, humans have cultivated roses to have more desirable patterns, better scents, more saturated colors, and even a more graceful death. By asking the rose what it experiences from its revered cultural position, Gearhart seeks to further understand how roses are using human desire to evolve and procreate themselves, and to what extent we are entranced in to performing their desires.

About Dakota Gearhart
Dakota Gearhart is a multidisciplinary artist who examines the environment and how it is perceived through technology and mythology. Her work has been exhibited at The Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY; Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, OR; Equity Gallery, New York, NY; On The Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA; Horse Hospital, London, UK; Griessmuehle, Berlin, GR; Lab’Attoir, Thessaloniki, Greece; and Taiyuan University, Taiyuan, China. She has been awarded the Puffin Foundation Grant, Artist Trust GAP Grant, BRIC Digital Media Fellowship, and a National Endowments for the Arts Fellowship through a partnership with Residency Unlimited. Residencies completed include the Queens Museum Studio Program, NY; NARS Foundation, NY; Studios at MASS MoCa, MA; Wassiac Project, NY; Residency Unlimited, NY; and The Bronx Museum AIM Program, NY. Currently, she is a video educator with Pioneer Works and Educational Video Center, both in Brooklyn, NY.

Organized by Alexis Wilkinson, Knockdown Center Director of Exhibitions and Live Art.


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