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Bloody Grindhouse (Horror Sundays)

Bloody Grindhouse (Horror Sundays)


Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Aug 28, 8pm

Horror Sundays with Druid Underground Film Festival

Blood Feast (1963)
Although Blood Feast is a film about an eccentric catering company that collects body parts for a cannibalistic ritual, the manner in which the film conducts itself is totally unique. John Waters sites Herchell Gordon Lewis as one of his main influences (alongside names like Kenneth Anger, Bergman and Fellini) and it’s easy to see why. Cartoonishly evil plots, over-the-top character actors in theatrical make-up, tacky costumes and creatively executed scenes of show-stopping violence make Blood Feast an outer-worldly viewing experience.

Carnival of Blood (1970)
Join us on a spooky ride through old Coney Island as a twisted maniac stalks and slashes through the carny-infested midway. Starring a hunchback named Gimpy (Burt Young who played Paulie in the Rocky movies). This one’s real weird.

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