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Bicep LIVE with HAAi

Bicep LIVE with HAAi

TICKETS May 30, 2020

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◾️ BICEP ◾️ In 2008, Belfast natives Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar were posting 100+ tracks a week on their blog, Feel My Bicep. Now, the Irish duo have added being DJs, producers, promoters, labels owners and even live performers to their resume – but blogging remains a core part of their artistry. The two have played a crucial role in the development of house music over the past ten years and continue to be icons in the underground community.

◾️ HAAi ◾️ Australian-born London-based DJ kicked off her career throwing the Coconut Beats parties in Dalston which led to shows on Rinse FM and Worldwide FM. She landed a prestigious residency at Phonox in London where she ruled the deck Saturday nights for two years. In 2018, she won BBC Radio’s Essential Mix of the Year and now holds a monthly Radio 1 slot.  Her sets are infused with heavy bass lines – from breaks to thumping techno – as well as all manner of percussive elements.

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