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Aya Rodriguez-Izumi: Offering

Aya Rodriguez-Izumi: Offering

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Aug 25, 7 – 8:30pm


Aya Rodriguez-Izumi

Lynnese Page

“Offering” is the latest one-on-one interactive piece created by Aya Rodriguez-Izumi. In it, the participant is lead through a ritual with the artist where a story from their personal history is transformed into an offering within the performance. It deals with the idea of sacrifice and the concept of being initiated into a created community whether it be a religious group, a counter culture revolution or a secret society. By giving a personal tale from the participant’s life, they are taken on a journey that explores the experience of loss.

Please join us for the second iteration of this performance. RSVP to Please arrive at Knockdown Center at 6:30pm to be assigned a time slot. The first 25 RSVP’s will get guaranteed entrance to the performance so sign up early!

Presented as part of the exhibition MAMI, curated by Ali Rosa-Salas and Dyani Douze

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