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Authority Figure

Authority Figure

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May 20 – 22


Monica Mirabile (Fluct)
Kinlaw (SoftSpot)

Christine Tran ( Witches of Bushwick, Chromat)

Gina Chiapetta

Sigrid Lauren (Fluct)
India Salvor Menuez
Juri Onuki
Colin Self
Richard Kennedy
Tara-Jo Lewis

Dan Deacon
Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange)
Travis Egedy (Picturplane)
Nick Koenig (Hot Sugar)
Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)

Jen Monroe (Bad Taste)
Ilana Savdie
Kathleen Dycaico
Jerome Bwire
Signe Pierce
Yulan Grant
Michael Potvin (Nitemind Creative)

Michael Potvin (Nitemind Creative)

Bryan Keller
Colin Alexander (Assistant)

Authority Figure is a social psychology experiment that uses choreography, sound and installation to elicit emotional response from the audience. Monica Mirabile and Kinlaw have brought together 6 choreographers, 7 installation artists, original sound compositions by various musicians as well as a cast of 150+ performers to create a performance that motivates the audience to consider relationships to authority, obedience and each other. We are asking ourselves and the audience to be conscious of relationships to police brutality, big data, and surveillance as it mingles with the complexity of our psychology in regard to power dynamics.

During each two-­hour show, groups of 20 were directed into the space every 20 minutes. Each individual faced different durational and emotional challenges corresponding to the entry time and driven by intentional choreography. The performance began with ticket sales. In order to secure admission at all, the audience must first take the “Personality of Endurance Quiz” to determine which entry bracket will be most appropriate for their experience.

About Monica Mirabile and Kinlaw:
Mirabile and Kinlaw are two artists working in the congruous mediums of performance, dance, and sound. Having built upon this practice during the last 10 years inclusive of large scale production as individuals, they have decided to work on a larger project in collaboration.

Mirabile’s Interdisciplinary Sculpture degree at MICA lead her to producing large scale choreography installations sometimes leading up to 70 performers. Since graduating in 2011, she has produced many choreographic productions in a collaborative project known as Fluct as well as solo. Mirabile’s provocative performances have been seen in over 60 venues and have been recognized by numerous Museums including The Baltimore Museum of Art and The Queens Museum. Her work has been reviewed by Fader, Purple Magazine, Fact mag, Vice’s Creators Connect, among others. Mirabile is owner of Otion Front Studio (a dance/performance studio in Bushwick) as well as on the board as performance liaison at Stream Gallery in Bushwick.

Kinlaw’s extensive research in both operatic and choral arrangements pummeled towards directing choirs, composing her own experimental librettos as well as contemporary sound art, often accompanied by movement or moving choirs. This sound to movement medium expanded into high production video art, self produced recordings, and extensive touring throughout the US and Europe. Kinlaw has performed self­produced interdisciplinary music and choreography throughout the United States and Europe including the MoMA, MoMA PS1, Villa Medici (Rome), and Skylight One Hanson.

For further information about the project visit:

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