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Animation Assault (Horror Sundays)

Animation Assault (Horror Sundays)


Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Sep 18, 8pm


Bruce Bickford

Horror Sundays continues with Best of Druid Underground Film Festival Animation Showcase
International animated shorts culled from the screening archives of the Druid Underground Film Festival. The VERY BEST of over A DECADE of rowdy, subversive programming screened on tour across the USA and compiled here for the first time ever!

Bruce Bickford’s CAS’L (2015)
Shot over a 20 year span, CAS’L is Bruce Bickford’s first all-claymation short feature. Bickford talks about his bizarre, technical, horrifying stream-of-consciousness film in the following description: “Mercenaries and other obnoxious brutes are trying to muscle in on the CAS’L’ area. They’re looking for trouble and find it. Stray energies in the area morph them into grotesque bulbous heads. The conquistadors and barbarians of the castle are smoking the wrong brand of cigarettes that cause them to commit random violence, even against each other. Some little people and fairy folk defeat many of them.”

DJ Drew Redmond and his guest of the week will be spinning wild ass bizarro rock 45s before and after the screenings!

NEXT WEEK: the final week of Druid Underground’s film residency! 

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