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A Way From Home

A Way From Home

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

in residence fall/winter
2015 – 2016

A mobile art project brought to you by J McDonald. Originally designed as a home for ‘environmental artists’ to use in realizing projects sited in a new suburban development in Charlotte, North Carolina, J McDonald refers to the industrial and agricultural histories of so many American cities that are being replaced by homogeneous suburban sprawl. It is constructed from an industrial steel tank from a local defunct furniture finishing factory, and pre-fab cheap housing materials like fake brick and engineered siding. The trailer’s mixture of styles and functions is an absurd attempt to fit an incongruous and fluid context.

The trailer will be host to a series of pop-up art installations, performances, and more.

– October 3 – 17, J McDonald presents his recent sculptures: ‘New Environments for the Modern Creature’
– October 24 – November 1, “Things with Claws
John Furgason
Serban Ionescu
Carlos Little
Olga Sophie Kauppinen
J McDonald
Jonah Emerson-Bell
– November 7 – 15, Evelyn C. LewisPollinis
November 21, Ray Smith Studio’s “Chicken Shit Bingo
November 22,Pancake Feed
December 12 – 20, Katie Shima, Threaded Trajectory 
 January 9, Nick Normal’s Temporary Allegiance flag workshop for the Autonomous Nation of THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU
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