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38 Presents: bvdub

38 Presents: bvdub

TICKETS June 23, 2017

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

$12-15 // 21+






bvdub is Brock Van Wey, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Devoting his life to the SF rave scene in the late ’80s, he began to DJ and promote his own deep house and ambient events in 1991, rising 10 years before a self-imposed exile to China in 2001 to escape the state of a scene he could no longer accept. He began to produce his own music in 2006, with his overtly emotional and hypnotic sound quickly spreading to Styrax, Millions of Moments, Southern Outpost, and Meanwhile, before a natural and gradual shift to his trademark ambient onslaughts saw him call n5MD, Glacial Movements, AY, Darla, echospace [detroit], Kompakt, and many more home. Now returned to his native Bay Area, he has continued his prolific output, with a string of self-released CD and digital-only releases, a monolithic rework of Vortexual [element seven] for echospace [detroit], and his newest, most wistful, and hypnotic work yet – his return to Glacial Movements, with Epilogues for the End of the Sky, with numerous upcoming projects already in production for late 2017 and well into 2018.

Brock has also released numerous ambient projects under his given name, deep house as Earth House Hold, and drum & bass as East of Oceans. He has released remixes and collaboration tracks on Ghostly, Kompakt, Oktaf, OWSLA, Soma Recordings, Air Textures, A Strangely Isolated Place and many more, and to date his vast catalog contains well over 25 full-length albums, over a dozen singles, and more than fifteen guest appearances and remixes. He has been featured in interviews and in-depth pieces in Resident Advisor, A Strangely Isolated Place, Headphone Commute, Organic, Spectrum Culture, Kana Broadcasting, and more.

Fairly reclusive in his performance schedule to-date, he chose to perform only one to two times a year, and has performed at festivals such as Decibel (US), Up to Date (PL), Salon Ambientu (PL), Ambientfestival (DE), Off-Tone (JP), Sub Strata (US), Festival Spectaculare (CZ), Music Infinity (CZ), Fields (RU), and individual shows in the US, Poland, Russia, Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and more, performing with artists such as Rafael Anton Irisarri, Bruno Sanfilippo, Marsen Jules, Fennesz, Robert Henke, Matthias Grassow, and port-royal, along with a host of solo shows. As his ever-prolific output continues to grow, it would seem his quest to test the emotional limits of electronic music is only just beginning…


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