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Fleshing Out the Ghost


In conjunction with the exhibition Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin: Universal Skin Salvation, the artist will give a performance lecture incorporating images and video to expand on thematics addressed within the show.

With K-beauty advertised as achieving the flesh of a Korean female subject devoid of her subjectivities, it becomes apparent that she is repurposed as technology for attaining desirable surface quality, one rendered as technically superior flesh. What skin are we seeking and looking at in K-beauty – one that emphasizes rehabilitation from war, narrative of assimilation in the U.S., and machinic visions of Asiatic femininity? Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin’s performance lecture “Fleshing Out the Ghost: the Fetish, Desire, and Master in K-beauty” investigates K-beauty as a site to unpack its racialized and gendered imaginary of Korean flesh and the fetish that congeals from it. Shin examines how the Korean woman complicates instead of clarifies the distinction between the master and the fetish object and the haunting and the following pleasures that occur from “wearing” contaminated desires of otherness as second skin.

About the exhibition
On view November 10 – December 16, 2018.
Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin: Universal Skin Salvation exhibition features a custom line of K-beauty products and a fully immersive sauna alongside new video, photo, and collage works. Visitors are invited to apply the beauty products and enter the sauna installation, absorbing small amounts of home-brewed lactic acid. For Shin, the active bacterial agent acts as a stand-in for bodily rehabilitation from the Korean War, and as an extension of the Korean “flesh” enlivened by biological matter.

Flip These Houses


FLIP THESE HOUSES is a concert celebrating Protest Songs, Political Music, and Unity through Song.  Net proceeds will benefit Power To The Polls (powered by Women’s March) and select grassroots groups who are helping to win the Congress back from Republican leadership.

President Donald Trump, the Trump administration, and “Trump-ism” as defined by the Presidents words, tweets, and policies, is an existential threat to the nation and to Western democracy as a whole.  This concert is a call to all citizens to vote for the opposition party in the November 2018 elections. (Democrats and Independents who caucus with Democrats), and to raise awareness and funds to help win our country back from those who will let it’s legacy be destroyed.

The program will be a revival show of sorts celebrating music with a social conscience. Confirmed performers include

Matthew Caws (Nada Surf)

Craig Finn (The Hold Steady)

Ryan Miller (Guster)

Michael Shannon (actor/musician)

Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group)

Lee Ranaldo(Sonic Youth)

Hamilton Leithauser (ex-Walkmen)

Sam CohenCharles Bissell (The Wrens)

Nicole Atkins

Mick Collins (Dirtbombs/Gories)

Amy Rigby

Jeffrey Gaines

Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould Band),

Sammy James Jr (Kinky Boots/The Mooney Suzuki)

Ted Leo

Syd Straw

Richie Birkenhead (Into Another/Youth Of Today)

Britt Daniel (Spoon)

Caithlin DeMarrais (Rainer Maria)

Richard Baluyut (Versus/Flower)

Anders Parker (Varnaline)

Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks)

Steve Myers(Afghan Whigs/Mighty Fine)

Tom Clark (2A Treehouse)

Mike Fornatale (Left Banke/The Monks)

Renee LoBue

Lenny Zenith

Graham Norwood + more!!


Shilpa Ray
Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices/Nada Surf)
Eszter Balint (Songwriter/Actress)
King Roeser (Urge Overkill)
Laura Cantrell
Mac McCaughan (Superchunk/Merge)
Shannon Conley (Hedwig &Angry Inch/Lez Zeppelin)
Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem)
Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys)


AfroDisiac Multicultural Music and Arts festival is a harm reduction awareness benefit by queer women of color of New York DanceSafe, a 501(c)(3) public health non-profit based in NYC event held on World Humanitarian Day that will expand harm reduction services and relevant health and safety resources to marginalized communities that are typically not reached through mainstream “Electronic Dance Music” events.
It’ll feature dance genres such as grime & bassline, Jersey club, booty bass, ghetto house, tropical bass, baile funk, juke, and more! This lineup features a balanced representation of ethnic and gender groups.
This is a safe space for marginalized communities to have access to partygoer health and safety information and other related services.
► Juliana Huxtable
Juliana Huxtable is an artist, poet, performer, and DJ who often uses her own body, gender fluidity, and identity as her primary subject. Spurred by a diaristic impulse, she reflects upon her gender transition and often links her own physical evolution to a dialogue concerning avatar, science-fiction, radical black and queer movements, and aboriginal tribes, among other social phenomena.
► DJ Deeon
Growing up in Chicago’s south side in the late 60’s and 70’s, Deeon experienced an era of profound change in America’s cultural and racial landscape which later became the subject-matter for his extensive musical portfolio. At a time when electronic music was new and starting to define itself, he was a pioneer in developing a sound that corresponded to the time and life of the people around him and the surrounding neighborhoods of Chicago’s downtrodden; those in dire need of profound change and liberation. His personal story and musical work is now indistinguishable from that rich tapestry that is America’s contemporary cultural history.
► DJ Haram
DJ Haram is a producer and DJ originally from New Jersey, currently based in Philadelphia. Stylistically versatile, she throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets but also has been known to pay homage to her roots in the tradition of Middle Eastern dance music and of DIY noise and experimental sound.
► Boston Chery
► The Dance Pit
► Cruz CTRL
► GoodDroid
► Jasmine Infiniti
► Kush Jones
► Love Taps
► Nasty Nigel
► Ryan Romanski
► Winnah Daniels
► Naloxone Training provided by Harm Reduction Coalition
► Fentanyl Test Strip Training provided by Washington Heights CORNER Project
► Drug Checking Demonstrations provided by New York Dancesafe
► MDMA the Movie Screening provided by Dancesafe
► “Is Prohibition Killing Our Kids? Reality-based Drug Education in the Era of Black Lives Matter” abuse prevention and harm reduction education presentation by Jerry ‘Mista Oh’ Otero
► Free health screening and testing provided by Community Healthcare Network
► Free Earpeace Hi Fidelity Protection provided by Drug Policy Alliance: Music Fan
► Free 15 minute mental health check-ins for provided by The Center For Optimal Living
► Free Self-Defense workshop catered to women & LGBTQ led by POP Gym
► Onsite sober peers for individuals in recovery
► Free health and safety resources and peer educators
► Amarachi Esowe –
► Club Etiquette –
► Craig Johnson II –
► Josh “Big Ears”
► Team Circus –
► Rave Ninjaz –
► Raiders of Concrete –
► Arthur Clarke –
► Gina GypsyPixiie –
► Her.She.Me by Crown Me Brands –
► BlackGround Ink Printing –
► Smurfo Udirty –
► Eternal Lotus –
► Andrea Zalkin –
We acknowledge the biases against lower income persons, LGBTQ, or persons of color–taking into mind the risks of being a partygoer in this demographic, that may not only lead to mental health or personal safety issues–but legal issues.
Alongside our sponsors and partners, we collaborate to not only educate, but protect, and/or restore rights to individuals in these communities, who are adversely affected by unequal access to these resources.
► Drug Policy Alliance
► Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
► Zendo Project
► Harm Reduction Coalition
► ParaDocs Worldwide Inc
► Community Healthcare Network
► Washington Heights CORNER Project
► Festival Wellness- Rave On
► Dr. Bronner’s
► The Center For Optimal Living
► Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program
► Brooklyn Defender Services
► POP Gym
► Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY)
► Harmonium: Recovery & Music in Harmony
► Gaimova
For more information about the participants of this event, visit:

Trans Day of Joy


Knockdown Center hosts the Trans is Magick! Collective to present the first annual Trans Day of Joy! Join us for a day celebrating and claiming Trans liberation through celebration.

The 1st annual Trans Day of Joy #TDoJ is a statement is meant to be both celebratory and political. The larger gay/LGB/queer movement has pushed Trans people to the margins, as they exchange Trans liberation for assimilation into the cis hetero capitalist world. During Pride week we see a flurry of lesbian,
gay, and bisexual representation in the movement and throughout the Pride party scene, at the cost of Trans visibility. Trans bodies are erased, ignored & commodified. On June 23rd, we will show up to celebrate our survival as resistance, as community, as JOY.

Our Trans ancestors, most famously Sylvia Rivera & Marsha P. Johnson, were disowned from the gay movement because they were considered to hinder the progress of gay rights. For centuries, Trans people have dealt with the aftermath of being left behind from our LGB kin. The Trans is Magick! Art Collective centers Trans joy as a path to liberation. We believe there can be no pride unless Trans people of all races, genders, and bodies are celebrated. So bring your friends, your lovers, & [chosen] family to Knockdown Center to claim space in community!
#TransDayofJoy #TDOJ #TDOJ2018


2pm-8pm: Trans PoC Vendors Market
2pm – 5pm: Workshops lead by Trans folx
5pm sharp: Trans for Trans Speed Dating
6pm-8pm: Live Performances by Trans folx

Admission is income based, sliding scale: $10-$40
If you make:…….Please Pay:
$20k or less…….$5-$10
$40K or above……$25-40

No one trans person or ally will be refused admission due to lack of $$$. Though this event is sliding scale, we ask that if you have the funds to spend $$ do it! Ticket sales from this event literally fund Trans survival! Every Trans is Magick! workshop teacher, performer and organizer is compensated based upon ticket sales and donations.

All genders are welcomed (cis-gender allies included!) but we ask you be mindful of using gender specific language at our event. Please do not assume anyone’s gender and be mindful of the space you take up.

Trans folx, bring your friends, your lovers, & [chosen] family!

We’ll have a community altar to honor our Trans ancestors through time. If you feel called, please bring items to add to our the altar. Items such as food offerings, flowers, drink, candles, crystals, photos, keepsakes can be placed on the altar.


accessibility needs, please email us at

Age Restrictions:
The event is all ages before 9:00pm and 21+ after. Visitors may be asked to present valid government issued photo identification.

How to get to Knockdown Center:
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave
Queens, NY 11378
Subway: L Train to Jefferson, 15 min walk from there
Bus: B57, B38, Q59, Q54
Join our Free Carpool Sign-Up:

Summer Lovers

Join Sad Girls Club Thursday, May 24th, for a day of connecting, creativity, and inspiration. Programming will feature wellness workshops, training tips with Nike athlete Joe Holder, a gen Z led panel and exclusive gifts.
With support from Nike NYC
A special event in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Treatment: Water Toxicity Workshop


Environmental advocate and educator Willis Elkins leads a workshop about water toxicity levels in Newtown Creek and his research as a founding member of the North Brooklyn Boat Club. Participants will meet at the Knockdown Center to talk about Elkins’ current research and then venture over to Newtown Creek and the English Kills (10min walk) to inspect some of the current sites affected by the current water treatment plans in the city.

Willis Elkins is the program manager of the Newtown Creek Alliance where he oversees a number of projects ranging from water quality testing to habitat restoration, advocacy and environmental education. Willis is co-chair of the Newtown Creek Superfund Community Advisory Group (CAG), member of Brooklyn Community Board 1 and a founding member of the North Brooklyn Boat Club.

This event is a part of the exhibition Treatment: The Plan for Rain, a project by Nicholas O’Brien that rethinks the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) stormwater collection program by focusing on soil biodiversity, transparency, maintenance, and its impact on citizens.

Couples Counseling for Artists and Institutions Workshop


This workshop is a part of Chapter Six of The Book of Everyday Instruction, What is shared, what is offered. This chapter explores the relationships of love between individuals and institutions. For the workshop, Chloë Bass leads a one-hour session engaging in couples therapy techniques to mediate relationships between artists and the institutions they work with and/or manage.

Artists and institutional partners are encouraged to attend together, however you may also attend as an individual. Please send your RSVP to

This workshop is a part of the exhibition Chloë Bass: The Book of Everyday Instruction, an eight-chapter investigation of one-on-one social interaction, exploring an expanded understanding of pairing on view through June 17, 2018.

A Field Guide to Spatial Intimacy Workshop


Join us for a participatory event hosted by artist Chloë Bass in conjunction with her exhibition The Book of Everyday Instruction! This workshop investigates how varying social distances can shape the ways in which we relate to one another. Approaching Knockdown Center as a site of intimacy, Bass will lead participants through an interactive process to consider how measuring and understanding distance can allow us to read the environment in new ways and shape creative narratives about our own relationships in space. Participants should expect some instances of performance and participatory writing.

Measuring devices and other materials will be provided; the systems we design to use them will be all yours. The workshop is part of the fourth chapter of Bass’s ongoing project The Book of Everyday Instruction, which focuses on the accidental and incidental choreographies created by engaging with other bodies in space. The chapter’s title, “It’s amazing we don’t have more fights,” is a paraphrase from the artist’s mother about successful social behavior on New York’s subways and buses.

This workshop is a part of the exhibition Chloë Bass: The Book of Everyday Instruction, an eight-chapter investigation of one-on-one social interaction, exploring an expanded understanding of pairing on view through June 17, 2018.

Protect & Preserve Lecture Performance and Closing Party


Join us for the closing event of artist Chloë Bass’ exhibition The Book of Everyday Instruction.

7:00pm: Protect & Preserve Lecture Performance
This lecture-performance is a part of The Book of Everyday Instruction’s fifth chapter: Protect & Preserve, which considers the idea of safety as the relationship between a person and their city. In the lecture-performance, Chloë Bass describes experiences of safety in St. Louis during the summer of 2016, compiled from interviews with approximately 20 diverse St. Louis residents, and material from the artist’s personal life. The lecture includes a visual presentation of images of people in safe spaces in St. Louis, shot by the artist, in contrast with iconic images from the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

8:00pm: The Book of Everyday Instruction Closing Party
Join us for a last, celebratory opportunity to see the exhibition!

This event is a part of the exhibition Chloë Bass: The Book of Everyday Instruction, an eight-chapter investigation of one-on-one social interaction, exploring an expanded understanding of pairing on view through June 17, 2018.

Knockdown Center x Open Engagement presents


Knockdown Center and Open Engagement present an evening of performances and dancing with opening act Lykanthea followed by a Discwoman showcase with BEARCAT and Riobamba in conjunction with the Open Engagement SUSTAINABILITY conference May 11 – 13, 2018.

Official drink sponsor for the event is Kombrewcha, the first hard kombucha that allows you to socialize without compromise.


Open Engagement 2018 – SUSTAINABILITY will take place May 11 – 13, 2018 at the Queens Museum in New York. Open Engagement (OE) is an annual, three-day, artist-led conference dedicated to expanding the dialogue around and creating a site of care for the field of socially engaged art. The conference highlights the work of transdisciplinary artists, activists, students, scholars, community members, and organizations working within the complex social issues and struggles of our time. Since 2007, OE has presented eight conferences in two countries and six cities, hosting over 1,600 presenters and over 6,000 attendees. Annual programming is selected by committees comprised of artists, educators, professionals, and community members from a free, open call for proposals.

Founded by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson and Christine McCharen-Tran, Discwoman is a New York-based platform, collective, and booking agency—that showcases and represents talent in electronic music. Started as a two-day festival in September 2014 at Bossa Nova Civic Club Discwoman has since produced and curated events in 15+ cities—working with over 250 DJs and producers to-date.

BEARCAT is a London born, Brooklyn based artist. She is internationally known, and has performed all over the world, including Egypt, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Leipzig, Barcelona, Mexico City, Oakland and Chicago. She has worked as a DJ/producer, audio engineer and professional make-up artist since 2005. BEARCAT provided creative direction for live events and festivals such as Afropunk, Glastonbury, Reading and Lovebox, among others. She has also DJ’ed sets for the musicians 21 Savage, CupcakKe and Caleborate. She draws from deeply personal experiences and Diaspora roots, and isn’t afraid to delve deep. Her sets are emotive musical selections as a form of therapy. Her ear guides her into creating bass-heavy uncompromising, powerful mixes that harness a symbiotic energy between the music and the crowd to generate the perfect soundtrack to any event. 2017 was a year of astounding new heights. BEARCAT performed at the Guggenheim, Wiener Festwochen in Vienna), Bloomberg Summer Picnic, 29Rooms, Performa 17 Biennial. BEARCAT’s archive of work and sets can be found at

Riobamba is an Ecuadorian-Lithuanian producer, DJ, and cultural activist based in Brooklyn. Riobamba’s rowdy, deeply researched live sets reflect back nightlife’s power as a site of joy and resistance, amplifying connective tissues between YouTube clips, dembow brujería, bodega soundtracks, and noise hyperreality “suped up with a twisted, industrial gnarl” (Complex). As a self-made bridge between música urbana’s underground movements and pioneers, Riobamba has recently shared the stage with Tego Calderón, Maluma, Nina Sky, DJ Playero, Rosa Pistola, and DJ Blass. The Fader has called her production work “a radically self-expressive piece of futurism that stands against a single, boxed-in definition of what Latinx club music can be.” Riobamba is founder of record label and creative agency APOCALIPSIS, a platform insistent on visibility for narratives by those “ni de aquí, ni de allá” (neither from here, nor there); recent highlights include curating and co-producing Boiler Room’s first reggaetón showcase, and providing ongoing music education in a Brooklyn juvenile detention center. Riobamba leads A&R for the iconic Nuyorican music label Fania, home to groundbreaking artists Celia Cruz, Héctor Lavoe, and Willie Colón, and was previously Music Editor of cultural platform Remezcla. Prior to moving to NYC, she was the first Colombia-based researcher in the Fulbright-mtvU program, studying the subversive power of digital music production in a region enduring the effects of civil conflict. Her original work has been featured in Resident Advisor, Univision, Fact Mag, The Fader, Thump, Complex, and Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

Lykanthea is Lakshmi Ramgopal, an electronic musician from Chicago, IL. Her haunting voice and gauzy drones explore kinship, community, loss, and identity in shows that integrate performance art, synths, the sruti box, and processed vocals that draw on Carnatic improvisational traditions. Her debut EP Migration released in 2014 to praise from Noisey, Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, and Public Radio International’s The World, and was followed by a European tour and appearances at Leipzig, Germany’s Wave Gotik Treffen, NYU’s Occult Humanities Conference, and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Her recent work includes the sound installation Maalai, which explores the role of family archives and the preservation of cultural memory, and an upcoming installation for Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory. She will be performing with violinist Lucy Little at Open Engagement.


Kombrewcha was created to provide people with an option to drink socially without having to compromise taste, experience, or the pursuit of a well-balanced life. Born and brewed in Brooklyn, New York, our hard kombucha (3.2% ABV) is a fizzy fermented tea with naturally occurring alcohol. Low in sugar and calories, our light and refreshing gluten-free brew is the perfect alternative to beer, wine, or cider- hold the hangover.

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